Hello and welcome to my blog. If you've come here from my first blog, then you'll know all about me but, if you've just happened across this page while looking for something else go here Previously on Pheobe's Blog to find out all about me.

Wednesday July 15th

So, from what the little boss says, I'm six months old and she thinks it's well time I grew up. I suppose she's right but I don't feel grown up. I still feel like just a puppy and like I have to be the centre of attention ALL the time. I think the little boss understands, she keeps saying; "It's just a phase. It will pass." but I think she says it more in hope than certainty. If I'm with her or the big boss or Kendo, I'm all right. I don't feel the need to whinge or whine but sometimes I'm not, sometimes there's no one around and that worries me.

Thursday July 16th.

The weather is miserable and we can't go up onto the lane because it looks and smells different. The little boss is very annoyed about it, says it's a complete waste of time and money because the lorries will only break it all again.

I've spent most of the evening with the little boss. It's been lovely.

Friday July 17th

More time with the little boss. She's let me see how the blogs get written. It's magic and so soothing. I fell asleep.

 Hello, I'm Reggie formerly known as 3. I used to live in  a commune across the road but I moved out about oh four years ago now and came to live here. Tell the truth there was a bit of trouble and when I found myself over here, it seemed a bit dangerous to go back. There used to be a really nice elderly lady dog here. She was stone deaf but a good laugh and nice to cuch up to, you know.

Anyway, she passed on and a few weeks later the little white job arrived. I understand that the folks didn't want to be without a dog but did they have to pick that noisey, smelly in your face little brat. I dare she'll improve with time. The one that came after her is all right. He's a bit of a clown and a bit unsure of himself but he'll shape up.

Friday July 17th (I think) Another day in Paradise awaits. Life can be fairly boring here for a cat but I don't mind that. I can come and go as I please and once I'm outside, well, the world's my lobster or what ever.

When the weather's good, I walk miles through the fields. I steer clear of the roads, even the lane 'cause there's lorries and lots of other motors at the moment, 'cause they're cutting down trees in  what used to be the forest but the fields, that's different, that's my world. The weather's not good today so I'll stay in bed for awhile. I can do that, if I want. I'll just stay and dream and wait till my next scrummy dish of tuna cat food.

 Sut mae. Kendo dyma er not sure if  I should do this in Cymreag or English. I suppose as the boss' Welsh is bloody 'opeless, it should be English but I'm a Welsh dog so I think in Welsh.

I've been here since the beginning of April and aprt from one or two unfortunate incidents, it's great. Despite what 'im next door says, I am part Border Collie, probably a lot  more than others, at least I'm black and white and not vertically challenged like some not a million miles away

Wednesday 15th er July

Not a lot happening today. I've been for lots of long walks and seen a lot of sheep. Can't say I'm that fond of sheep. I'm not prejudiced, I just don't think they're very interesting animals and anyway I'm not really supposed to have anything to do with them.

One of the incidents I briefly referred to in my intro was to do with sheep but I'd sooner not go into any more detail if you don't mind. Surfice it to say if the sheep get into our fields, I'm not the boss's first choice of sheep dog. No that's her job, the squirt. Despite her size -- or lack of it -- she's a 'proper' sheepdog. She's had the training, see, knows what the boss wants her to do.

I've tried to get her to tell me the tricks of the trade but she won't, says she doesn't think it's something I could master at my age and with my lack of 'breeding'. Cheeky mare.