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Sunday February 15th 2009

Some people came today.

The sibs and me were lying in a heap in the yard and this strange car pulled up and these two peeps got out.

I can't see very well 'coz one of the sibs has her bum in my face but when she shifts, these two peeps are talking to missis and then Mam comes along and embarrasses everybody by rolling on her back to have her belly rubbed. Adults! How does a self respecting dog survive 'em?

The missis brings the new peeps over and they're talking. I know it's about us. You know how you sometimes get a feeling of things changing. That's what I got.

The peeps start looking at us and the missis picks up one of the sibs and shows him off, then puts him back down and I hear her say; "That's a dog." Like we're something different? Maybe we're sheep?

Then I get picked up and the missis says; "This is a bitch." and the big one of the two peeps comes and looks at me.

I know this is a man 'coz he's big like the boss, but when the missis hands me over to him, he cuddles me and he's nice.

All this picking up and putting down goes on for awhile and I've no idea what it's all about so I go back to sleep, then when I look back the little peep is talking to the missis and they're shaking hands and I know that something has happened, something that affects me and I'm scared well not scared but worried.

When you're my age worries don't last long though and when I wake up again, the peeps and the car are gone and nothing's changed.

Sunday February 22nd

Well, I was  right about things changing. The peeps came back. I'd almost forgotten about them and then there they were and it wasn't just picking up this  time. They put a collar on me, like the grown up dogs wear and then, the most horrible thing any dog could ever imagine happened and it happened to me. I was  put in this  box and, OK so the cloth they put in smelled of the sibs and mum but I'm not daft, I know when I'm on my own.

It was  terrifying. I was moving without my legs moving and I could only see what was right in front of me. I was  sick .

  We stopped moving and the little peep came to see if I was  alright. I was very unhappy and I cried.

  We stopped quite often and then we stopped and didn't start again and that's when I knew I was a very long way from Mam and the sibs.

I don't know  how  I feel. I don't know where I am or who these peeps are. They seem nice and I'm not outside or in a box anymore but everything here is so different.

The grub is great! These new  peeps really know what dogs like and there's sticks and other nice tasting things to eat as well. I might be persuaded to like it here.

My new home and my new peeps. The big boss and the little boss. The little boss is the one nearest the door. The house looks and feels very old like where I was with the sibs but there aren't any sheeps or cows wandering around.

Monday February 23rd

The strangeness doesn't stop. I woke up very early needing to pee and I couldn't get out. It was dark and I was on my own and I didn't know what was going on. I started howling and then there was the little peep and she put the collar on me again and took me outside. I did a pee but that's probably too much information. I looked round for Mam and the sibs but there was no one just me and the little peep.

I got fed and had some white stuff and then I was  taken out again. It's really strange not being let wander on my own but I suppose I would get lost. I don't know but I don't think I would like to get lost from here.

O dear. Another bad thing happened this  morning. I had to go in the car again and it was just as bad. I was in the box again and I still felt sick but I wasn't sick this time and we weren't driving that long. I still screamed as loud as  I could. When we stopped the peeps  took me into this smelly place and this smelly person came out. I tried to be friends with her of course, that's the way I am, but she didn't seem to want me to lick her.

She didn't hurt me but she did handle me and stared into my eyes  and touched my ears and my legs and squeezed my tummy.  I don't think I liked it very much but it didn't hurt and then the little boss gave me to the big boss and said that I should be taken out to the car. He put me back in the box and I cried again.

This peep I'd never met before came over and she was  talking to the big boss and she put this thing in the car. It was weird and smelled of other dogs. The big boss picked me up and cuddled me and the little boss came over and she was talking to the other peep while the big boss sat in the car, cuddling me.

Then the little boss came back and we drove home. I know  it's called driving because that's how cars walk and I know that we came home because that's what the little boss said. " Home again, home again jiggadi jig." or something like that


I have a name. I'm Feebee. Sometimes  I'm Feebee' ti dyma' but I know  that means come here, so I suppose I'm just Feebee really. I don't know what it means, I s'pose it means me. I can't say that it's how   I think of myself. In my head I'm still Fang, dog of the wild woods or Meg, Champion Sheep dog but I don't mind Feebee.

Wednesday February 25th

What a day I've had. I've learned some new  words, I know  sit that's when you squat with your bum on the ground and don't do a pee; I know  No,  that means  stop doing what you're doing and Leave that means stop chewing what you're chewing. But the strangest thing I mean mega scary and weird was this  thing. I'm sitting in my bed, chewing my teething ring and the little boss goes to the door where the food comes from. I think it's called the kitchen or it could be dindin. Anyway I don't think it's food time and anyway I don't go with her and up till now I have. The next thing that happens is this thing comes in. I don't know what it is but it's bigger than me and it smells strange, really strange. I never seen anything like it before. It's got four legs and it's not black and white but  a sort of red brown, like fox colour and it's really minging, like nothing I ever smelled before. I put my nose really close to the bars and it pushes its face at me and I look into its eyes. They're yellow  and sort of narrow  and squinty. I was frightened but it just walked past and sat in front of the fire.

Then little boss comes back and starts to stroke this thing, like it's something nice and it makes a noise like "Brrrrrr Brrrrr."

Apparently the thing is called a Reggie or a pussy cat. Here it is.

What do you think of that then. I think it lives here 'coz it just wanders around as it likes. It even sits on both the bosses and on the chairs. It's really full of it.

I wonder what it tastes like.

Thursday February 26th

(almost to the tune of 'Now, hast thou seen my lady') # I am a good girl, I am I did not pee my bed. They didn't leave the light on and I didn't cry at all O no I didn't cry .....

The little boss said I was a very good girl and she made a big fuss of me which almost excited me enough to pee myself before I got outside but I didn't.

Today has been another full day of being a sheep dog puppy and I actually saw some sheep. They were just walking along the lane beyond the gate. The little boss took me up and told me to sit and be quiet as they walked past. They were very ignorant and didn't speak to me at all.

For some reason I'm not allowed to go beyond the gate so I couldn't 'help them on their way' anyway.

Sunday March 1st.

I've been in my new home a week. I can't believe it. I've learned so many things. When I was with the sibs, Mam told us a bit about being a sheep dog and how we should behave around sheep and people but having to put it into practice, even playing, is something else.

I know some new words. Away is when the toy is thrown in one direction and comeby is when it's thrown in the opposite direction and fetch means I have to run after my toy.

I wonder if I'll ever be a champion sheep dog?

I met Reggie face to face no crate between us. Me and the little boss were going outside and Reggie was coming in. Being quite interested in what he might taste like I rushed up to him. He didn't run away and the boss stopped me and said No! Quite firmly, and pulled me back and said That'll do. I've heard that before. That'll do. I think it's shepherd speak. So maybe Reggie's a sheep. Funny that, a house sheep.

Thursday March 5th.

Everything seemed to be normal all morning. I was taken out and I did some playing and stuff and then when I should have had my lunch, I didn't have anything. I was really hungry.

Then about four we went out. In the car.

I sat in the front with the big boss. I like the big boss. He has an upside down head with no fur where the top should be but fur where the bottom of his head should be. I like chewing that fur.

Even though I was with the big boss, I still cried 'coz I didn't know what was happening and when we stopped I knew I was back at the smelly place.

The little boss took me straight in and we had to go first to this room where there were quite a few people and I wagged my tail to say hello and they said I was lovely and then we went out of that room and sat on a bench. I sat on the little boss' knees 'coz I'm not allowed on the floor here.

Then the smelly person came out and said "Phoebe."

I didn't know whether I was supposed to go in with the little boss or not but she just picked me up and carried me in.

I should explain, when I say people are smelly I don't mean it in a bad way not like with Reggie the minging house sheep/pussy cat. They smell like the little boss' hands not nasty but super clean.

So the smelly person feels me all over and talks to the little boss, I presume about me. She asks what I'm fed and how I'm eating and then she puts these things in her ears and puts something hard on my side. That lasts about a minute or so and then she looks at my bum. How embarrassing is that.

I know the boss looks at it, Every day she looks at it but I don't like other people doing it.

Then the really dreadful thing happened. The little boss turned me round so that I couldn't see what the smelly person was doing and she stuck a needle in me. Right in my neck and it hurt, and I squealed and the little boss said 'Don't be a wuss' but I didn't like it.

 I cried all the way home and even though I had my lunch when I got in I still felt upset about it. How could anybody stick needles in a puppy. It's not nice.

Sunday March 8th

Two weeks in my new home and though I still think about the sibs and Mam, I don't miss them as much as I did. I would like to meet with other dogs and see how they find life around here but so far I haven't met anyone.

The big boss and the little boss are still being very nice to me and I think they might be like that all the time. They have left me on my own but that's mostly at night and once the little boss left me with the big boss when she went out in the car but I don't mind that so much now. Nothing bad happens to me when I'm on my own so I think I can get used to it.

Sometimes  Reggie the housesheep/pussy cat is there to keep me company but he doesn't really want to bother with me that much. He keeps talking about someone called Bette who had respect, what ever that is. He says if ever I mess with him, I'll learn. I say bring it on. I think.

Wednesday March 11th

You know I said on Sunday it might be nice to meet other dogs to see what life is like round here. Well. guess what happened to day.

I was out with the little boss and we'd just finished an important game with the Kong and we were walking up to the gate for what the little boss calls a warm down, when this car comes past and stops at the gate and this lady gets out. The little boss walks up and starts talking to the lady and I just know they're talking about me. Well, what else would you talk about when I'm just so cute and gorgeous. The lady makes a fuss of me and then I hear her ask the little boss if I'm a collie. What does she think I am? A saint Bernard? And the little boss says. "Well, her mam was a Border, Lord knows what her father was. Bit of an accident." And they laugh and I feel a bit humiliated but the lady makes a fuss of me and the little boss picks me up and tells me I'm a good girl so who cares about dads.

So the nice lady goes away and we go for another up and down warm down and then this other car comes along and stops and another lady gets out and guess what. Two big dogs get out as well. They were black and one of them was shouting at me and I was frightened but excited. I went up to them on my tummy saying that I didn't mind if they wanted to come in a play but the lady put them back in the car because one was shouting at me still.

This lady came down to the house and let me sit on her knee and made a fuss of me.

She stayed a long time and even though I had to go in my crate for awhile she was lovely, like my bosses and she thought I was very pretty.

When we took her back up to the car, the little boss took me outside the gate and the two big black dogs came out and talked to me and they didn't shout at me, except the one who had done all the shouting told me off because I was a bit forward but she didn't really do it in a nasty way.

It was so nice to see other dogs. I hope they come again. They're called Dyfi dog and the one who did all the shouting is Jess.

Here they are. Dyfi Dog is the one with the bold white chest and face. I think they're really brilliant and I hope that I grow up like them.

Friday March 13th

I think I'm fitting in here quite well.

I was sitting on the big boss' knee just now when the housesheep/pussycat got down from the sofa (he's always allowed on the furniture) and came over. With out any warning or even asking if he could, he jumped up on to big boss where I was sitting.

He didn't stay long and he didn't do anything to me and I was too surprised to do anything to him.

I don't suppose we will ever really be friends but the big boss did say I was a good girl for doing nothing so maybe that's the way I should go.

Saturday March 15th

The bosses are talking about a rescue dog. Now I'm not sure about this. I don't really think that I need rescuing, if that's what they mean by a rescue dog. It's really nice here and I think, if I work very hard, I might really become a good sheep dog. But maybe they don't mean that a dog has to come and rescue me, maybe a rescue dog means something else.

When I'm in with the little boss, I've seen lots of pictures of dogs on her television thing and maybe these dogs are looking for somewhere to live. I think that's what rescue dog means, a dog who needs to be rescued because its bosses have been cruel to it or they can't keep it any more.

Some of the dogs I've seen looked very nice and when the big boss comes in to look at them he reads their stories out loud. Some of them are very sad and make me feel unhappy.

I hope I get a nice older brother or sister. A dog like Daphne's dogs would be very nice.

 Are there any young dogs out there who would like to 1) Give me some tips about being a good sheep dog  or 2) share my new home with me. If my bosses are looking for a rescue dog and I'm almost sure they are, any dog coming here would have a terrific life judging by first three weeks. You'd have to like cats and be prepared to put up with me. The food's good and there's plenty of love to go round. If you're interested in either giving me advice or coming here to live you can e-mail me here:-

Tuesday March 17th

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I don't understand what I just said, but the little boss said I should say it.

Most days here are happy, for me anyway.

Yesterday I met someone the little boss calls postie and he made a big fuss of me through the gate and I said I was pleased to meet him. The little boss approved of that.

I thought you would like to know what a typical day is like for me.

At quite early the little boss appears and takes me outside for a pee. Pees are very important when you're my age and it is more important that they should be done in the fresh air.

Then, I come back into the house and run round to find my feeding bowl which is another very important thing in my life. The little boss usually finds it first and then we go into the kitchen. I would carry the bowl myself but sometimes when I pick it up I drop it and that makes a loud noise which the little boss doesn't like when it's quite early.

I then have my breakfast which is very scrummy indeed. The food is kept in a cupboard in the kitchen and I have my food from tins with puppies on them. I also have biscuits from a bag; tiny little biscuits that taste good and are easy to crunch.

The housesheep/Reggiething has his food from soft tins that live in boxes next to my tins. There seems to be a lot more of his food than mine. But then he is a lot bigger than me though he does seem to be getting smaller.

When I've had my breakfast I sometimes have to sit on this wobbly thing. It's called weighing and the little boss tells me how much I weigh and she writes it down in a book. I don't know why she does it but I suppose she has her reasons..

I then have a quite time just chewing on my toys and then I go out again for another pee. Did I say how important pees are at my age?

The little boss goes to check her mail. Mostly I go with her and lie on my bed playing or sometimes I sit on her knee.

Next thing I go in to the field for big play. Sometimes we take a ball but my fav thing is Mr Blue. Mr Blue is rubbery and I can pick him up and shake him about.

The little boss throws him and I run after him and bring him back so that she can through him again. I love big play time!

After big playtime we do our warm down which means walking up and down the drive which is very long and quite steep.

Then I come back and have more play time with the little boss and then I sleep for a while.

All this is repeated several times during the day. Not the breakfast. I only get breakfast three times a day but the going out and the playing and the walking around and the peeing.

Then when I'm feeling really sleepy and sometimes sitting with the big boss, the little boss comes and takes me outside. I generally have a pee and then come back in and go to bed.

Some days are different. Today will be different because it's Tuesday and Tuesday both the big boss and the little boss go out in the car and don't take me with them.

I don't know where they go but when they come back, after the little boss has taken me out, they bring in all these things. Some of the things are for me and I like that.

So that's  the sort of day I have. It's good and I like it. I don't even mind the house sheep/Reggie being around. He doesn't bother me and for the moment I can't bother him. His dog is quite good though of course he does have quite a strong cat accent but as I speak no cat at all, it's good that he's willing to try and talk my language.

Maybe I should learn cat.

I wonder what the cat is for ' I want to eat you'. :-P (ROFL)

Saturday March 21st

The little boss was out last night but that was ok because I still had the big boss and he's fun. I lie on his knee and he tickles my tum. I like that.

When the little boss came back, she was talking about Daffni's new  dog.  Maybe that means that our new dog will be here soon.

 This is Moomin, Daffni's new dog. The little boss met her last night and said that she is very nice and friendly. She's from Home a dog. Here's their web address :-


All the dogs there need new, forever homes and the people need help and support to care for the dogs who come to stay with them.

I think I am a very lucky dog and I think that  when we get a rescue dog, he/she will be lucky too.

Please support Home-A-Dog in what ever way you can so they can carry on looking after dogs like Moomin and so that I can find a new brother or sister.

Sunday March 29th.

Over a week since I 'blogged' but I have been a very busy little sheep dog.

It started with the bosses going out on Monday AND Tuesday. I found myself wishing that they would take me with them.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. On Wednesday, they did take me with them and you know where to! The Vets again. The smelly place.

We had to wait quite a while and there was another dog there waiting with us. Of course I wanted to go down and talk to it but the little boss wouldn't let me.

A lady came out at one point and she had a pussy cat in a cage.

She and the little boss knew each other and they had a bit of a conflab and then it was my turn to go in.

I have to say I was almost very good.

I had to have two needles stuck in me and I didn't cry or yelp at all and the little boss rubbed my head and told me I was a good girl and then the most awful thing happened.

The smelly person (remember that's clean smelly not bad smelly) got this really BIG needle thing.

There was much talk about grains of rice but I've had rice and they don't stick it in your shoulder with a needle.

It hurt and I squealed and it made me bleed.

Now I'm chipped and I go ping! when they hold this thing like a little snowshoe near me. I ping and I'm chipped and it's not nice.

I had to sit on a  big, flat, wobbly thing as well and they said that I weighed five kilos which is no doubt mostly the weight of the thing that pings.

When we got back I had my second breakfast which is called lunch and I went out for big playtime. I love big playtime.

I have also started to go out on my own for my first pee of the day.

The little boss comes down stairs and lets me out of my crate and then straight out of the front door. I go across the yard, do a pee and then come straight back in for fuss and breakfast

I now lie down on command, usually when I can see sheep and I'm told I'm a very good girl for that.

This morning was really different. This morning I had my first off the property walk. Wow!  Me and the little boss went out of the gate and up the lane. I saw some sheep and I lay down so that I didn't frighten them. (I secretly feel rather grown up to think that sheep could be frightened by me) and I found some sheep poo to roll in. That was such fun but the little boss didn't seem to think so and said Ach y fe! It made her cross but it was worth it.

I am a very lucky little dog. No one gets very cross for long here and no one hurts me or nips me or even shouts at me. I am and loved even though I'm chipped and go ping and roll in sheep poo. It's nice here.

Wednesday April 1st

This is my cousin Callie. Isn't he handsome? He lives a long way away  but he has been here and I wonder if he would come here again. Ah well. I can dream.

I had a bath today. It wasn't too terrible though I wasn't really expecting it. The little boss took me into the back of the house where the big boss was waiting and I was put in this

big white thing and they wet me all over with warm water and then the little boss put this stuff on me and they rubbed it in to my coat and then they washed it all off and I didn't smell any more not of sheep poo any way.


Friday April 10th

#Could it be? Yes it could. Someone's coming, someone good' Well,  maybe coming. We're going to see him on Sunday, me included. That's him. Isn't he just the dreamiest looking lad?


Sunday April 12th

# I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm about to see my bro and I think I'll like him.


The little boss says that I shouldn't be so excited about it, that he might not be suitable, she says that I should shout 'bad rice'  but it would just be so great if he is ok.

But I will calm down. I mean one I've got to go in the car and I really don't like that and I have to remember that we won't bring him home with us even if he is the one.


Well, the car was just as horrible as I thought it would be. I was sick all over the blanket that the big boss had on his knee.

The little boss thought it was best that me and the big boss sat in the back and I think that's what made me sick.

We had to stop in this really weird, empty place. I can't read but from what the bosses said it was called Tescocarpark.. There was this great big dark building and hardly anyone around. At first I thought, if this is where my future bro lives it's a well bad place and I wished that we COULD bring him home with us but after I had some water and a walk around and the big boss had cleaned the blanket and the little boss had put it in the back, we were off again without seeing any dogs.


A bit further on we stopped again and the little boss got out and went away for awhile. Of course I thought she would come back with my brother but no, she came back singing; #I know where I'm going.

So, after a bit of driving backwards, we're off again and on to this really rough road that reminded me of where I was with the sibs and mam. I started to feel a bit sad and then I thought, new sib and that was all right.

We stopped again and I was taken out for a pee and then back in the car until finally we came to this really neat place with buildings and dogs and cats and people and when I got out, I don't like to blow my own tuba but everybody said how gorgeous I was and they all made a big fuss of me. I was really excited but, because I'd already done one, I didn't pee. Do you think the little boss knew that I'd get all the attention? She's a very clever boss, or maybe she just thinks I'm gorgeous.

There was a lot of talking and a lot of fuss and I was picked up and cuddled and I showed off with my sit -- remember that's the one where you squat but don't pee -- and I did my lay down and everybody said how clever I was and even the little boss said that I was a quick learner and then she laughed and said; "With a good teacher." and every body laughed.

At some point, probably when the little boss was taking my harness off because I don't like it and I'd squiggled it around, he was there. I felt all shy. He was really tall, like Daffni's dogs and he was polite and said hello. And he's just so gorgeous.

He seemed a bit sad but perhaps that will change when he comes to live with us.

There was a lot more talking and then he was taken away and after a bit more talking we went away.


I was very tired on the way back. My head was full of all sorts of stuff and the bosses were saying how they would pick him up tomorrow and because they didn't know how he was in the car they wouldn't take me. That made me a bit sad but being in the car is not nice anyway.

I fell asleep and when I woke up we were home and I had my food and went out and everything was normal.

Strange day

Monday April 13th

The little boss has tried to make today as normal as possible but I'm just so excited. I wish I was going with them but then I think about going in the car and that thought stops me wanting that so much.

Why does time always go sooo slowly when you're waiting for something that you really want to happen. They went out hours and hours and HOURS ago and they're still not back. Maybe something bad has happened to them! Maybe something bad happened to my new bro'! What if the people changed their minds and don't want him to go to somebody else. What if he escaped during the night and he's half way back to Anglesey now. I knew we should have brought him with us yesterday.

Wait a minute. I can hear the car. Oh it's them I know it's them. They're here and they have him with them! Yipee! Huzah! He's here. Oh I have so much to say to him and them but so much to say to him. I want to know all about him.

Wednesday April 22nd

Sorry I haven't blogged for over a week but things have just been so wild and really exciting.

It all kicked off on Monday last week, when  Kendo came to live with us. I spent the whole of that day in a very crazy state after he came.

The big boss spent most of Monday evening sitting in the chair just watching Kendo and making a fuss of him and then the little boss got up all angry and sent the big boss off to bed and she made a fuss of Kendo and me and she took us out, separately and then she fed us and went to sleep on the sofa.

Kendo didn't have a lot to say for himself except howling that he wanted to go to bed, he certainly didn't want to talk to me. He was very sad and unhappy and that made me sad for him.

Tuesday wasn't much better because the bosses went out in the afternoon and Kendo just howled and howled even though the curtains were closed. I tried to tell him that it was just 'quiet time' and that they would be back soon but he didn't listen to me. He'll learn.

He stole some dog biscuits and ate them and gave himself the runs and though the little boss was angry she didn't really shout at him.

Things started to settle down a bit then and then Wednesday the bosses took Kendo out in the car on his own. The little boss told me not to worry, that they would be back soon but of course, I thought that after the biscuit incident, they were taking him back and it made me really sad and I cried all the time they were gone. The little boss hadn't lied to me and soon they were back. The smell on Kendo told me they'd been to the vet. He said they had and he'd had a needle stuck in him and other things done to him that he didn't want to go in to. I was intrigued but he said he really didn't want to talk about it. I was just glad he was back.

Thursday was a lot better. Kendo  had gone upstairs at night but I didn't mind 'coz I was  asleep and when I woke up, when the little boss came down he was there again.The little boss went out in the car and didn't take either of us with her and then, when she came back, Kendo and I went out together with both the bosses. That was great fun. I'm beginning to think he really doesn't mind me at all.

Friday was all right at the start. We did all the usual stuff; eating and drinking and playing and training and then the little boss went out in the evening but the big boss took us out and even I was good.

The little boss came home and she was grumpy but she made a fuss of us and took us out and then she went to bed.

The big boss went to bed later and he left the kitchen door open. At some point, Kendo went in to the kitchen and he was gone quite some time and I could hear funny noises, like paper being torn up and when he came back in, he was licking his lips and he said; "I've just had the most brilliant midnight feast." and he belched, like he really enjoyed it. He went upstairs after that and I was left alone to worry.

When the little boss came down on Saturday morning everything seemed normal. She let me out for my pee and then she took Kendo out and then she went into the kitchen and I could hear cupboard doors opening and then she was really angry. She told Kendo he was very bad and he went and sat in a corner.

I got fed and taken out as usual and then she was on the phone. I couldn't hear what was said but Kendo still didn't get his breakfast.

He got lots of water during the day and got taken out quite a lot and he said to me that he felt really sick.

Then at dinner time we were both fed and everything seemed all right but it wasn't. He kept saying that he felt poorly and when the bosses went in to have their dinner, Kendo was really, really sick.

The little boss must have heard him and she came in. Kendo was lying on the floor and she had to pull him to make him stand up.

She put me in my crate and took him out into the hall and the big boss was with him and I could hear him being sick again. It was really scary.

About half an hour later the bosses and Kendo went out in the car and they were gone for about an hour and when they came back they just sat there watching him. He wasn't sick again, even after the little boss gave him something to eat.

The big boss went to bed first and then at about three o'clock, the little boss went to bed.

Kendo told me that they had taken him to the vet and it was really frightening because it was all dark and they were the only ones there until this nice big man came and let him and the little boss into the building. He said he was examined and his belly was felt and then they put a muzzle on him and jabbed him with this really sharp and painful needle and then he didn't want to be sick any more after a while.

I said I thought he was going to die and he said he thought he was going to die and he came up to my crate and let me lick his face until I went to sleep.

Sunday was normal. Everything happened as it should and apart from some phone activity no more was said about the biscuits.

Kendo was fed four times during the day and that really upset me because I only get fed twice a day now but he had to have this medicine too so I didn't feel too bad for too long.

Monday everything was the same; we go out, we have quiet time, I have big play time and Kendo's still getting four feeds a day and his medicine too. Ha ha!

Tuesday a nice man came to do the light outside. His name is Nick and he's very nice.

The bosses had to go out but Nick was still there.

When he left and the bosses still weren't back, Kendo started chewing at the door. I said he should stop it but he didn't listen to me. I thought, he'll cop it when the bosses come back and he did. They were gone quite a while though so they were not maybe as angry as they might have been.

I don't know, he's supposed to be here to teach me manners. Big joke.

 Tuesday April 28

Kendo will be going back to where he came from if he's not a bit better behaved. The thing is, and he's told me that this is so, he thinks that when they go out, they won't come back. I've told him that they always come back but he can't seem to understand that.

I hope they don't take him back. I think he's lovely.

Wednesday April 29.

After what I said yesterday about Kendo going back where he came from I had quite a fright today. The bosses took Kendo away this afternoon and I had the horrible idea that they HAD taken him back. I worried and worried until I heard the car and there he was again. I was so pleased to see him. He said he'd been to the vet. I  told him that I thought they were taking him away and he said that he thought that too but then they went to the vet for his second vaccinations.

We laughed at how silly we were.

Sunday May 3rd

Today is memorable for several reasons. We both went for walks into the forest, not together but we enjoyed it. Kendo said he thought it was good.

But the most important for me is today I moved my first sheep. Well, lamb.

What happened was we went out for afternoon big play time which is a mixture of play and training as you will remember and when we went in to the field it was there. Bigger than me but not really big like a big sheep.

I looked at the little boss and she'd seen it too but we were still going towards it. I wondered what was going to happen and then the little boss said; lay down and because it was a real sheep and it was in our field, I lay down quickly.

It was standing by the wall just eating and then it looked round. I don't think it knew what to make of me, maybe because I'm mostly white. it thought I was another lamb but it didn't say anything to me.

The little boss told me away! and I scooted off to get in front of the lamb and then the little boss told me to lay down and I did. I was pretty far away from the little boss but because we'd only just gone into the field I was still on my long lead. I knew that I wasn't supposed to chase the sheep anyway so I just sat there.

The little boss moved towards the lamb and then it got up on to the wall and disappeared.

The little boss said; "That'll do" and I came running over to her. She was really pleased with me and she picked me up and hugged me.

I was really proud of myself and when we played with the blue tuggy toy, Mr Blue, I pretended he was a sheep and instead of picking him up and bringing him back to the little boss, I lay down and just looked at him.

The little boss thought that was very funny but I still feel like I'm a real sheep dog.

Our latest photos

Me looking cute

Kendo looking gloomy

Kendo looking interested in something else

Me being silly


Us, playing. Our first together photo. I'm the one in white! (He is enjoying it, really he is)

 us outside on our new coupler lead.







 Wednesday May  13th.

Ever have one of those things where you do something and it seems like fun at the time and then you pay for it. I just have.

Yesterday there were some lambs in our field and the little boss took me in to get them out and back where they should be before I had my big play time.

Well these lambs, there were two of them and yes, I'm getting really blazŤ, I moved them both, dim problem, but they left a few little presents.

I'm a dog, if it looks (a bit) like food and it smells (not a lot) like food and if I think that I can get away with it, I eat it. So I ate their little presents and Oh boy was I ever poorly. I had the squits like never before, so bad infact that the little boss called the vet. Now I was thinking that I was going to have to go in the car and that did not fill me with deep joy. By now you know that I don't really do cars unless I'm coming back from  somewhere really special. Anyway, I didn't have to. The vet came to me. First I knew was the insain door bell rang. It's new and very up itself, plays classical music. V posh not'

The vet  was big and he and the little boss were talking as they came in, like they knew one another and first he said hello to Kendo, who was surprisingly polite and then the little boss got me out of my crate and the vet examined me and asked a lot of questions. I must confess, I was already feeling a bit better. The little boss had given me these eggy things to eat and that seemed to have settled things down a bit in the tum and bum departments. Then the vet gets out this needle and that's it. I'm outahere but unfortunately the little boss still has a good hold of me so there is nothing I can do.

The injection really hurt and I squealed, as you do when somebody sticks a bloomin' great needle in you. Kendo came dashing forward but the little boss stopped him with a very sharp 'lay down' but I think he would have gone for the vet. My hero. Pity he couldn't have made his move before I got stuck with the needle.

Well, that's both of us emergency vetted now so I would imagine the bosses are considering the wisdom of getting two idiot dogs but really, we're worth it.

Friday May 29th

The weather is really nice. It has been a bit grim for a few days and we've had to go out in the wet and cold but it's really nice now.

Kendo and I have been out togther on our coupler lead and I lost one of my long pointy teeth in the field and grinned at the little boss with my bloody, gappy face and she said she was sorry but that worse things happened at sea. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to sea.

The little boss is working very hard at the moment 'writing'. I don't know what she writes except my blog and I know she writes that because I have to tell her what to put and she types it out for me but it isn't that that she's writing at the moment.

There has been talk of Kendo having his own blog but I don't think it's that either.

Saturday July 11th

That's right, five whole weeks without hearing from me. You must be well displeasured about that.

Lots of stuff has happened but because the little boss hasn't asked me to tell her about it, most of it has slipped from my pea brain.

I do know that I will start being six months old very soon if I haven't started being it already/ The little boss says that no one is quite sure when I was born because I was an accident and wasn't found until I was actually here if you see what I mean

I do know for certain that I have been here at home for one hundred and forty days not counting today which has not long started and the first day I arrived which was only half a day.

To mark this occasion, the little boss says that we should start a new blog. I will share it with Kendo. There will be pictures and the same silliness of day to day life here at Bryn Teg and there will also be a link to previous blogs (this one I think that means) and the little boss promises me that she will try to keep it up dated.

So, the new Pheobe and Kendo (and Reggie) blog starts HERE.


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