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 Is there life beyond our planet or were we just a one off chance development or perhaps a bizarre and unfortunate experiment by the Higher Being a lot of people believe in.?

One day I hope to have the time to sort through all the stuff I've amassed over the decades and get some sort of coherent answer.


 Wild life is one of my major passions. I hate the idea that Man arrogantly struts around destroying or  "managing" the environment for his own satisfaction without a care for the wild creatures that inhabit this planet with us.

The Hedgehog is the emblem for my wild life pages because this is probably one of the most disregarded creatures in "natural Britain".

There is a bit about hedgehogs, some pictures and links to wild life concerns.

Still seeking my aunt. Kathleen Byrne disappeared from my life when I was about seven years old and this page is dedicated to finding out what happened to her.I know that she must be dead by now but I would like to know how, where and when she passed.

Read the blogs of Pheobe, Reggie and Kendo, three unusual animals who have rather a lot to say for themselves about their lives