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Hi, I'm Chrissy Moore-Haines. I live and work in Gwynedd, North Wales and I'm a writer.

I've had lots of different occupations in my life but always I've come back to writing.

I live in an eighteenth century farm house surrounded by beautiful country side in the heart of the National Park.

Until January 25th 2009. I shared my home with my husband, Wyndham who's an artist,  an insanely jealous Border Collie called Bette who loved Wyndham to distraction  and a large ginger and white cat called Reggie who took up residence in one of the outbuildings but has now decided that he wants to be a house cat.

Sadly, on Sunday 25th, Bette passed on to doggy Heaven  and though a successor,  Phoebe (read Phoebe's Blog ) has been found, Bette will be sadly missed, forever.

I love animals and could not imagine life without them.

My other interests include professional and amateur theatre. I'm a member of a local community

theatre group, Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society.

Anything to do with computers is my other great interest. I love designing and redesigning web sites.

My writing covers just about any subject though my first love has got to be poetry. It's what I do most of, though I have written a few short stories, three collections of which I've just published. I also write plays for stage and television and I've even got a couple of novels and film scripts under my belt.

I'm a member of UKAuthors, an excellent creative writing site where a lot of my work has been published on the web and I've also had several things published in their anthologies.

I don't envisage ever stopping writing, it would be a very boring and worthless life if I ever did.