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Hi, I'm Chrissy Moore-Haines. I live and work in Gwynedd, North Wales and I'm a writer.

I've had lots of different occupations in my life but always I've come back to writing.

I live in an eighteenth century farm house surrounded by beautiful country side on the edge of the National Park.

Since the death of my adored husband Wyndham in October 2014, I live with just my animals; two psychotically over-protective dogs Kendo and Pheobe both of whom would take on the world and its brother to keep me from harm, and my cat Ronnie who is very laid back and would only lift a paw to help if my assailents were of the edible vermin persuasion but that's what cats do.

I was and perhaps I still am though I'm not entirely sure, a member of a local amateur theatre group, Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society. I confess I haven't had that much to do with them since my husband passed and the disgraceful lack of appreciation they showed for a former member and chairman of the society, consigning the reporting of his passing to a sentence -- actually about four words -- in the news letter.

      But this is about me, that's the whole point of the thing.

   So me, what do I do. I write and that practically sums me up in two words. I write. Poetry, short stories, plays, screen plays -- even the odd, probably very odd, novel has crept in to my cannon. I also write songs and screen plays most of which have been viewed if not read and been appreciated by other folk.

   I've had some work published by UKAuthors in their anthologies and I've even been known to perform my own poetry and prose when the mood takes me and the invitations have come my way. I think I would definitely draw the line at singing my own songs. That given my voice, would be a little too much to expect a fee paying audience to bear.

   I enjoy reading other people's fiction but only stuff that interests me. I suppose I have favourite books but I'm of the sincerely held opinion that lists are boring. And I love listening to music. Clasical music mostly but the odd Rod Stewart, Queen or even Stones track does make it on to my 'play list'.

   Mostly what I amuse myself watching on TV or DVDs -- I have a vast collection of DVDs --  has to be intelligent. Don't get me wrong I'm not above the odd bit of violence when its appropriate but I do draw the line at grattuitous and badly performed or written sex scenes.

  My writing covers just about any subject though my first love has got to be poetry. It's what I do most of, though I have written a few short stories, four collections of which I've just published. I also write plays for stage and television and I've even got a couple of novels and film scripts under my belt.

  I'm a member of UKAuthors, an excellent creative writing site where a lot of my work has been published on the web and I've also had several things published in their anthologies.

   Though I haven't written a lot in the last couple of years, I am getting back to it and I don't envisage ever stopping writing, it would be a very boring and worthless life if I ever did.