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     Wyndham Moore-Haines

    3/11/1924 - 27/10/2014

    My beloved husband died early in the morning of Monday October 27th just a week off his 90th birthday.He had been very poorly for quite a while but he never lost his sense of humour or his love for me and our life together.We had been married for thirty six years on September 23rd. I loved him with all my heart from the moment I met him. He was a kind, courageous and truly original human being. I miss him and I will go on missing him more than I could ever say.

    At his funeral on Wednesday November 5th I read this poem.


Last Pages

At the back of a book,crisp and clear as day
you have written your name.
I trace the letters with my fingers,
with my tears.

Did you believe that there would ever be a day
when I would forget you,
need the written word to remember,
to think of you?

I hold the book, press it to my heart.
If I could bring you back I would
and not care that happy ghosts do not return
to hearts they broke.

How can you rest knowing the pain your leaving left?
Was your life so meaningless
even with me to treasure you and keep you brave and strong
by just the power of love?

Be my unhappy ghost, return to one who loved you.
Come back to the last page
and speak to me again of all we loved and lost
do not leave me just a name.




Tribute from the Meirionnydd Artists Society

The Late Wyndham Moore-Haines 

It is with sadness I have to inform you of the recent death of Wyndham Moore-Haines. Wyndham died on the 27th October aged 89 after a long illness. Although not a member in recent years, Wyndham had in the past, been a loyal supporter of our Society. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to his widow, Chrissy.