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Animals have always been an important part of my life. I have kept them as  pets ; cats, dogs, ponies,  rabbits  reptiles  even rats and mice or worked with cattle, horses, sheep, pigs for most of my life.

In this gallery are some of the animals who have shared our lives since we moved to Wales. 1) We brought Chole with us. She was four years old when we came here. We had no cats when we moved here so, because of the vermin here, we bought 2) Graham and Trevor. With a couple of fields and a building that was purpose built for horses, in May 1989 Lady Jane & Soldier Sam cmae to live with us3). In 1992 we acquired Bette4) and in June 1995 I found a chunky little kitten very close to the A470. We called her Twiggy 5) In 2005  after Graham passed on aged eighteen (Trevor died in winter 2004 aged 17) Reggie 6) turned up and lived as an out door cat until  Twiggy died in 2008, when he  decided he wanted to be a house cat. Phobe7) a white and black border collie arrived in February 2009 and Kendo 8) a two year old black and white BC cross came to join us. In 2010 when Reggie passed away suddenly we got the latest recruits to the barmy army Ronnie & Reggie 9&10 who came from the same animal shelter as Kendo. I don't suppose the animals I have now Phobe, Kendo, Ronnie & Reggie will be the last animals we have. We shall see.